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  • Bobbypow69

    How many times can i request a software reset after i purchased turboscore?

  • Service

    Can anyone answers the emails or phone calls at the Turbo Dispute?

  • Kevin

    I've been doing Credit Restoration for 20 years and wanted to update my software but I don't think this is the company to use. No response to emails or phone calls. Not cool!!!

  • Shelia Harris
    I installed this program on my computer and it keeps shutting down. Every time I try and print out a dispute letter, it gives me an error message saying that Credit Umbrella.exe has stopped working and it closes the program. Also, I have a windows 7 computer and it s supposed to be compatible. Another thing that I noticed is that It s not getting updates and I tried calling the support that I found online and it is no longer active for this company. How do I get updates for the software?
  • Jason Ryan Salazar

    @David Darbin,

    Why is your support team extremely slow at responding to customers support ticket request? Is your company like short handed or something? I submitted two support tickets for the same issue over 35 days ago, and the only reason I submitted two was to make sure I grabbed someone's attention from your company, but unfortunately, I am left with no choice but to submit a complaint through the Better Business Bureau, and we'll see what they have to say about this lengthy delay in assisting customers with regaining access to their Credit Umbrella software program.

    Thank you.

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